Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund- Delivering Capital Growth

August 25, 2017


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Attaining growth in capital for a secure financial future is desired by all. We all want to become rich and grow our income into wealth. Although we are struggling hard to reach the level of financial stability that we desire, why shouldn’t we go for some strategic planning to build a fortunate future? When mutual funds have a variety of investing options to stabilise our financial status, we must begin investing in the best schemes to attain maximum possible benefits. Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund, which is a diversified equity plan from Reliance Mutual Fund is a must-have plan for the long-term investing goals.

Ranked in the top-five funds in the diversified category by CRISIL rating agency, the scheme holds a remarkable position in the market with returns reaching an all-time high in the past few years. The investors seeking long-term capital appreciation in the equity schemes without compromising on the risk factors must consider this plan for their portfolio.

Here are the reasons why Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund growth plan provides good returns even in the volatile market and tends to grow the capital of the investors.

1. Diversification of Funds in Different Market Caps

The money in the Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund are invested in the diversified category across all the market caps which include large-cap, small-cap and mid-cap funds. It is categorised in the diversified equity class because of the same reason, and it is the major factor which makes this fund least risky and high-yielding.

2. Portfolio Concentration

The scheme has major investments in the equity stocks, while a small proportion has been parked in the debt instruments in order to maintain the financial stability. The majority of the funds are being parked in the financial, services, engineering, technology and automobile industries. The holdings of the scheme include State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Indian Hotels, Larsen & Toubro, and HCL Technologies.

3. Modes of Investing

The investors have the option to invest in the Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund either via SIP investment plans or by making a lump sum payment. Furthermore, the online mode to buy the schemes has made investing even more simple.

4. Past Returns

The performance of the scheme in the past can be depicted by the last years’ returns generated by it. The absolute annual returns of the scheme reached 59.7% in the year 2014. Furthermore, the annualised returns for three- and five-year investments are 17.80 and 17.50 percent respectively.

5. Professional Fund Management

The scheme is managed by Mr Shailesh Raj Bhan who is an MBA in Finance and holds the CFA degree. He has vast experience in the field of managing funds in different categories and has in-depth knowledge about market trends. After analysing the schemes in the market, he grabs the best opportunity in the market and invests in it to provide better returns and higher growth.

Accordingly, the investors will surely gain tremendous growth by investing their hard-earned money in the Reliance Equity Opportunity Fund. The past performance of the scheme and the portfolio concentration depict that the fund is among the most promising ones and can yield the desired growth to the investors in the best possible manner.