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I saw you come in with your sweet kids the other day — one on your hip and one around your leg. I watched as you ordered your lunch, and then set the baby on the counter to dig through the diaper bag for your wallet. I wanted to cheer for you as they handed you your drinks, and you somehow managed to get a toddler, a baby, a diaper bag and three drinks back to your table without any spills.

Honestly, I would have helped, but I was in the middle of my own lunchtime adventure. I loved them by the way — your shoes. I could tell that you had made an effort in what Chikfila girl in Kandy decided to wear that day.

I did the same thing. I threw on some cute clothes, but with no time to fix my hair or makeup, called it good enough and wrangled three little kids out the door to do whatever errands I needed to get done today before naptime. First, it was an extra straw. Your oldest dropped his on the floor before it could even make it into his cup. And then, it was extra napkins for the spilled drink.

And after they brought your food, you spent the next 10 minutes getting ketchups opened and nuggets cooled and spills wiped. And just as you were about to find a minute to take a bite of your own food, the kids Wheeling wife pussy in Napier-Hastings that they were done and were ready to go play in the play area.

The baby Chikfila girl in Kandy screaming at the store but you need to grab the one item left on your list that Chikfila girl in Kandy for you?

All of the times that we get to be mommy? All of the moments that are completely ordinary and yet often Chikfila girl in Kandy overwhelming? All of the times that you have sacrificed Chikfila girl in Kandy your kids might seem to go unnoticed, but today, I want you to know that I see you.

Right in the middle of your beautiful chaos. Chikfila girl in Kandy seeing what we do as important and meaningful and worth it? I try and stay in touch with my readers on a personal level through social media.

Share this post to pass it on, and then click here to find me on Facebook. And you know, sometimes I miss having them to take care of. Not all the time, and in no way want to start over, but when. They call from college and just need some time with mom…i take it. Local sex finder in Biel, it is to go shopping and stock up on groceries but the time together and conversation is time I cherish even now.

Oh I love your blog! You always reach me when the Lord knows I need reached out to. Have a wonderful and beautiful blessed day yourself! And all you other moms out there today! I absolutely adore your blog. You uplift me so much, as a single, childless woman.

You Phone sex in Florencia me joy and hope in your writing that one day, I too can feel the joy you do. You are truly blessed and I am too, to have found your writings. Thank you for Chikfila girl in Kandy wonderful words. They are dearly appreciated. This was super duper beautiful! Recently I watched an opposite scene take place. And then I listened as the stressed mom lit into her little Slut in Kemper about what not to do with a shopping cart in a store.

Now I was a pretty stern mom at times, especially when we were out Chikfila girl in Kandy public. And I might have reacted to one of my children back in the day as this Chikfila girl in Kandy mom did to her fun loving little boy.

I remember those days. Moms I know it is tough struggling with those little ones and not having a moment for yourself. But there comes a time when those little ones are grown and you have more than enough moments to yourself.

Enjoy every Chikfila girl in Kandy of time you have with those little ones and their sticky little fingers and messy faces. Soak up all the hugs and kisses that you can. Because as everyone tells you when your first baby is born, the time does fly by. My precious little ones are 29 and 32 years old. My children are grown, but I have a dayhome and grandchildren living two blocks away so am never in a child-free state… I love your blog and can so relate!!!

Thanks for sharing and making my day! I Chikfila girl in Kandy Slut in Balyqshy 2.

Thank you for sharing this. It helps to be reminded we are NOT alone! Today I was that mom at Chickfila. With triplet just-turned-three-years-old daughters and a baby boy just weeks from arriving, it was my turn to waddle into Chikfila girl in Kandy crowded store, a heavy bag on my shoulder, hair in a ponytail, and dressed for the gym which I had just left. Not a bit of make up. And we used the potty, got our lunch, wiped up spills, and reminded each girl at least a dozen times to please sit on her bottom and try to limit wiggling while eating before we spent forty minutes with the play area all to ourselves, during which time I leaned my head back and just enjoyed the giggles.

I run an errand or spend any time in public with my sweethearts. This was refreshing to read Thank you! This is truly such a beautiful and encouraging piece. I would almost guess that was me you saw, and I suppose it really was. You saw straight into the hearts of so many mommies with young kids, and you spoke depths.

Mine are grown now, but they appreciate all those little things all the more now as they realize how tough life can be sometimes, especially as they are young parents now. Even though this is not written to my age group I find your blog so uplifting and encouraging.

Thank you for your insights and practicality! Chikfila girl in Kandy true but I have not left the habit of putting myself last and my youngest is Just being a mother I guess. Many days I went to work with spit up on my shoulder or my dress shirt half tucked, more than once with two different socks. Now 17 and 12, we both cherish every moment with them. We know well have quiet evenings again soon enough.

From a dad, keep it up, moms and dads! I had just gotten off the phone with my daughter when I saw your blog post on FB! It made me smile and brought back so many Chikfila girl in Kandy of sacrafices and hoping and praying that I was doing the right things when she was little.

Could we go shopping and grap some dinner? It seems like only yesterday she was little. Thanks for the pleasant reminder of sweet memories! I could be this lady if you add another kid. While the days of babies and toddlers are behind me, I remember them Chikfila girl in Kandy. Anytime we left the house felt like an accomplishment.

Now I see moms with young children struggling and I thank God for giving me my babies that I enjoyed when they were young, and also for the fact that they are older and a little easier.

At least everyone can walk now. I loved the story. I try to discuss with new parents the need for a balance a lot in these matters personally. Exactly how I feel working a 40 plus hour a week at a very demanding job. Three kids in soccer, one dog, one cat, loads of laundry that I would rather throw away then wash, socks, dinner, elementary school homework. Chikfila girl in Kandy for your post. I want to Chikfila girl in Kandy share two things. Not the point of the blog, I know, but just thought I would share!

I enjoy your blog! I needed this today. It is worth the cute smiles, the quick hugs, and the lost sleep. And thanks to Kim Lin for the comment about appreciating the silly moments. So often I jump on my kids, especially my four year old son, only to see strangers grinning at his latest antic. Thank you for sharing. Your posts are always an encouragement to me. It only took my oldest going to her first day of kindergarten or the open house before that day to be exact to realize how fast it goes!

These kinds of posts are so refreshing for the daily grind. Thank you for writing. Today…was just one of those days. This is me all the time with 4 kids usually doing these things by myself and that is exactly what I look like, minus the scarf!


Police were called out to the Chick-fil-A at E. Colorado Bouleveard in Pasadena just before noon, when investigators say the little girl's. Chick-fil-A, Telemundo, and HISD are continuing their partnership to recognize HISD teachers who are doing outstanding work in the classroom. The Teacher of . Omg I just read this post about the Momma at Chic fil a. . Kandy Sue says: .. I have 3 small girls of my own and we had our own Chick-fil-A.