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As I often do once a month, I was recently skimming the table of contents of the Ensign, looking for something interesting. I found the article had some Dating versus hanging out and not so solid points. And actually, I think hanging out is fine in moderation, so long as the entertaining and food provision is somewhat mutual.

I Audalt liked his advice to women about not sitting around and waiting for marriage and happiness to be thrust upon them, but to instead seek Dating versus hanging out life in service and learning.

This last point seemed particularly worthy to me, though I know this is much easier said than done. Particularly when we are taught by the Church that our identities as women are so closely tied with marriage and motherhood. One point that I found absolutely baffling was this reason as to why he thought dating was on the decline: And I assure you that I and my feminist friends never thought that a man asking a woman out was a chauvinist act.

In my opinion, chauvinism occurs when a man talks about and The kiss test39 from the double your dating system women disrespectfully.

The act of respectfully and Dating versus hanging out asking someone out was never thought by us to be chauvinistic. Do men really fear that they will be seen as chauvinists by asking a woman out? This was a very puzzling paragraph for me. Also puzzling was his apparent belief that a man should a be the one to ask the other out and b pay for the date.

Very bizarre points in that article about women not asking men out, but sending verbal and non-verbal signals to entice men into asking them out. I would say that you are in the minority in Dating versus hanging out. It has nothing to do with being Mormon. In a few cases it works out when a man is too gutless to act on good hints, but for the most part if a man wants to ask a woman out, he will. If she has to ask him, he isnt that interested in dated her.

I must definitely be the exception, then. My husband and I had a very balanced courtship. I invited him miniature golfing with some friends first, he Dating versus hanging out invited me to a Dodger game.

I invited him bowling, he invited me to dinner and a movie. Those were our first four dates, and it worked out really well for us to be showing mutual interest and being mutually proactive in calling and asking each other out. These are generally hosted by women, although not always.

As for the one-on-one stuff, it happens only very rarely. They get to be in the company of entertaining women, yet still get to be on the Dating versus hanging out in case something better comes along.

I am willing to also bet big money that in most of these cases these men have at least one — if not several women that they hook up with in order to make out or more on a regular basis. If a man can hang out with fun interesting women, and still get some Dating versus hanging out from time to time he will do so forever.

Dating versus hanging out women these days fall into the same catagory. Dating versus hanging out reason people dont date is because they have already set up situations to get all their short term needs met.

Who provides the entertainment and food is irrelivent. It is the casual situation — and the tolerance of the ensuing casual flings — that have Dating versus hanging out real dating. These casual hook ups I have mentioned are almost always completely down played and secret.

It doesnt get talked about much even between girlfriends — which I know is rare, and in the vast majority of cases, is nothing more than just making out. I had mixed feelings about this article as well. I thought he had some good points, but others left me scratching my head. Some of my very best memories are of that time and I still keep in touch with those people — dear, dear friends.

I guess that sometimes it prevented us from interacting with others, but not much. Would it have been better for them to sit home alone? It Dating versus hanging out a while for that to happen, but it did happen. I really disagree with Lewis. There are a lot of shy guys out there. I asked my husband out first. I Dating versus hanging out him up and asked him to come on a double date and he was thrilled that I did it. Granted, I knew he had Dating versus hanging out big crush on me when I called him, making it a fairly safe move on my part, but he was too bashful to make the first move, so I did.

Once he knew I was interested, he took it from there, believe me typical mormon story — 3 weeks of dating before we were engaged. I suppose I should have been more clear. I did not mean gutless in general. Just gutless with respect to dating — which equates to shy. I could always tell who they were.

Ick, I shudder at the thought of marrying someone like that. It would be like, a reward — immunity from creeps. I Dating versus hanging out talking about average Joe and Jane. Some of these casual situations go on for years, and women are getting more and more tolerant of this kind of situation.

If you believe that this kind of behavior is not a major factor in the decline in real dating I think you need to look more closely into how often it happens. My niece who attends BYU Idaho complains of the exact thing laid out in the article though. I think the process of dating takes skills whether you are asker or the askee.

But now with dating, anything goes really. I think this makes it harder for most people to navigate. In my experience, asking out a guy just meant prolonging the inevitable: But I completely disagree with Lewis. Regarding the paragraph Caroline pointed out, I also felt uncomfortable with that. That is to say, when the average, shy, looking-for-an-eternal-companion lds man meets a woman he gauges whether or not she would want to date him. If he gets the Dating versus hanging out that she would date him then he might eventually or immediately ask her out.

The subtle hints will be missed by him because he is not looking for them from her. This is one reason Dating versus hanging out I think that the reticence LDS women have about asking men out is misguided. And I think that person often has to be the woman, because the man has just stopped thinking of her in that way. The other Dating versus hanging out I think LDS women should just ask guys out is because the emotional cost of the traditional methods are just too high.

The time and energy women spend thinking of how to drop hints, looking for signals, and hoping that he noticed is draining. I first asked out three of the four men I seriously dated including my husband. I Dating versus hanging out spent quite a bit of time trying hints, and subtle cues. My opinion is that asking the guys out yourself is just so much easier. Oh, and in my experience too, the hanging out Dating versus hanging out that Elder Oaks describes is very real.

I think one problem that contributes to a lack of dating is the mentality in Mormon single wards that if you go out with someone more than once, you are suddenly considered a couple, and the gossip begins. Also, there was always a large group of women who were constantly baking goodies for the men, taking them dinner, organizing events, inviting them over for movies, etc.

And this was in Boston and D. Also, seems as if it was usually the same women who were asked out by most of the men — inevitably the very pretty and thin ones.

Such is life in a dating gene pool with many Dating versus hanging out women than men…appearance matters a lot because the men have many more choices than the women do at least outside of the west coast and they can afford to be extremely picky. But I can understand the reasons why many women are frustrated with Mormon dating life. Too much hanging out does seem to appease that hunger to connect with one other person. In that vein, what about super social wards that have a multitude of activities every week?

What balance should be struck between providing a space to meet, and becoming a crutch? As a sometime-organizer, and roommate of a super-organizer, YES, we do get tired of mooches. I heartily recommend seeking a life of service and learning. Learn something good and teach it to someone. Much better than being a lady-in-waiting … I can be a lady-accomlishing. Thanks everyone for your input.

It really does seem to me that such a group could be a Dating versus hanging out support system, even if not a lot of marriages come out of it.

But my few NCMO experiences never came from a hanging out crowd. More from first or second dates. Maybe he did indeed get Dating versus hanging out fodder from some crazies over at linkup. Biblio tells me you guys interact with some real winners over there: Too much effort wasted in sending signals that men may or may not be understanding.

Asking them out is much simpler. I bet Dating versus hanging out is a lot worse for guys that have been in a ward for a long time and been out with a lot of the girls. This kind of thing tends to bury the pretty good point that you do need to eventually pair off to get married. The only pressure due to it is self-imposed. If you just ignore it, life goes on just fine, and dating is easy.

This is long-winded as well… Let me just say, Caroline, that when I read the paragraph that you highlighted I circled it in red and made Dating versus hanging out husband read it; we both had a good eye-roll.


Aug 30, "I'm going to go have a drink with this guy I'm hanging out with," is totally appropriate, but so is "this guy I've been dating a little bit asked me to. Aug 11, If you're not sure if you're dating someone or just hanging out, here are a few things that take your relationship to something more. Hanging Out vs. Dating. While I was doing research for What Women Wish You Knew about Dating, the biggest complaint I heard from Christian women was that .