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As President Bush continues to build his case, reporter Sam Kiley takes a harrowing journey inside Iraq. You Let s get together tonight in Arauca see the crater just down there. It's where the rebels attacked just a few minutes ago. Saira Shah travels to the latest battlefront in Colombia's civil war, the fight over a U. The pipeline's kilometers long, so a handful of rebels can run rings round the entire Colombian army.

We've landed here right the middle of an international propaganda war, a war of words. The Iraqis reply this is all lies and the U. We're on our way to Baghdad to try and dig out the truth. Jordan is the gateway to Iraq, home to thousands of refugees who fled Saddam. Before we go to Baghdad, we've come here to talk to these exiles about what's been going on inside Iraq. But in Amman's main marketplace, we discover very quickly that even ordinary Jordanians seem afraid to talk about Saddam.

Why are you afraid to appear on camera? Are you afraid you will get in trouble if you talk to us? Is Kareem there, please? What we do know is he's very, very scared, and with good reason.

Has he had some more threats recently? A lot of threats since two weeks. All Arabs are better. The worst Arab is better than any American or Zionist or British.

He's boosted his popularity further by very publicly embracing Islam, introducing strict Islamic laws. Let s get together tonight in Arauca convicted thief was paraded on Iraqi television. His hand was cut off and he was branded on the forehead. President Bush has also accused Saddam of staging public executions as part of the Islamic campaign, including public beheadings of women accused of prostitution. We've decided to track down Let s get together tonight in Arauca truth of these accusations.

Human rights violations are at the heart of the propaganda war. After a series of clandestine meetings, we've finally found an Iraqi refugee hiding in Amman who's willing to talk to us. We meet in a safe house. She is a former Iraqi school teacher who lived in the southern city of Basra. She says she fled Iraq last year because of an execution she was forced to witness.

The authorities send us a card and told us we were required to witness an incident. Many people were looking from the rooftops and in the street. They forced people to come and watch. They brought them by Bbw party salt in Kowloon busload.

There were even schoolchildren. She says 15 women were led out in front of the crowd. She says masked men, dressed in black and armed with swords, made the women kneel. The men went along the row with their swords, cutting human heads like sheep. Some of them were known to be prostitutes, but the others weren't. They were professional ladies. I was told one of them was Let s get together tonight in Arauca doctor and two others were teachers.

I believe that the doctor had said something about the government which was misreported. So she was executed. I knew they were innocent, but I couldn't say anything. If I had, I would have been killed, too. This is what happens in Iraq. I've learned that another exile is willing to meet, as long as I keep his identity hidden from Saddam's agents.

He's a former Iraqi soldier who defected after being accused of a crime he says he didn't commit. He's not an eyewitness, but he has information that may be valuable. The Fedayeen Saddam came with their faces covered and slaughtered two girls here. The shopkeepers didn't know why they had been killed. He names the exact Let s get together tonight in Arauca it happened, a juice bar in Baghdad.

He says the beheadings were carried out by the Fedayeen Saddam, or "Saddam's Redeemers. They are simply assassins. Some of them wear white. They're called "Men of Death" or "Ghosts.

The Fedayeen are a private army set up and run by Uday Hussein, Saddam's eldest son. He's the second most powerful man in Iraq, perhaps more feared and hated than his father.

Six years ago, he survived an assassination attempt but was left partially crippled. Now he uses the Fedayeen to terrorize the population.

Examine Saddam's family tree. They have their own jail. No state authority can interfere with them, only Uday. While I was in Amman, I was passed a video smuggled out of Iraq. Finding the right match with online dating never been seen before in the West.

It shows in terrifying detail just how Uday trains the Fedayeen. They learn the dark arts of camouflage and how to cut a throat. Then they face their final test. They are thrown a dog and challenged to demonstrate their own ferocity.

These are the men accused of carrying out the beheadings in Saddam's name. In the hills of Amman, I meet with another Iraqi defector. He's brave enough to talk to me on the record. In the mid-'90s, Hassan was president of Baghdad University's student union. He had to report regularly to Uday, who was in charge of all student unions in the country.

One day, Hassan says, Uday sent a Mercedes to pick him up. Inside were two members of the Fedayeen. Two of them carried me and placed me in the trunk. He was thrown into a jail run by the Fedayeen.

It was full of people who had crossed Uday. I was suspended by both hands. They had a razor blade. They use it to slash the backs of prisoners. I was slashed on Ladies wanting sex in Treinta y Tres back and my wound required 60 stitches.

I'm sorry to ask you. And then he was forced to go back to work for Uday. You couldn't just Let s get together tonight in Arauca up and leave. You must let time pass until Uday has forgotten about you. When they picked her up, her head fell off. Hassan's wife, Rasha, says she was actually an eyewitness to a beheading. She Let s get together tonight in Arauca the victim was a young mother who lived nearby, not a prostitute.

All the residents came out onto their balconies. It happened in a square nearby. We saw them dump a body in the square and cover it. Then they uncovered it. There were signs of torture on the body due to beating and slashing. After she was executed, her head remained attached to her body by a thin layer of skin. When they picked it up, the head separated from the body. They put the head in a trash can.

She was killed in front of everyone. How many men did you see involved in this, and what were they wearing?


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