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The fact is though, that most of these lists are written by writers who have never Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov to these cities, let alone actually tried to pick up the women there. With this post, I want to tell you the TRUTH about these places, from someone who has been to 45 countries, and has tried to pick up women in most of them.

On the plus side, the high end night clubs will have lots of incredible women. On the downside, the foot-traffic in the city centre is nothing like a 5th Avenue in NYC or an Oxford St in London… so although the percentage of hot girls is very high, the frequency is not that great.

Another problem is the lack of good English speakers, you will need a little bit of Russian to be able to talk to Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov girls… or your own private translator walking with you ;- In the Summer, the Ukranians and Russians head to the resort town of Odessa….

The only downside with Odessa being tons of Italian tourists which makes the girls slightly less receptive to foreigners. Also to Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov — Ukranians are going to be a little racist generally to black and Asian guys.

For some reason BA always turns up on the top 10 lists. A few years back, we did a company trip there, and I spent two months in Argentina, 6 weeks in BA and a couple of weeks touring around.

We hit the clubs, I went to the gym, walked around every day. I saw one genuinely beautiful girl in that whole time. Beautiful country, cool city, but girls…. Brazilian girls are famous the Fuck girl in Kemper over. Rio is a beautiful city and I have spent 6 months there in total. I Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov love it, the food is great, the people are the friendliest in the world, and its a great place to spend time.

The matter of the girls is a little controversial. They do have very pretty faces, but the thing that you might like, or not, is that they are bigger. Brazilian guys like big asses, so the girls basically eat a lot, and then go to the gym to try and get some tone too. The result are big women, few petite girls, few girls with slim flat stomachs, but plenty of big asses.

If that sounds good to you, then you should probably add a. Maybe a better option than Rio? Florianopolis is famous in Brazil as the place with then hottest women. If you are a ginger guy or very pale, you are winning in Brazil, girls will come and ask you where you are from and be into you! Always in the top 10 lists, and this one, like Kiev, deserves to be in there.

The slightly less beautiful looks are compensated for by the fact that they all speak perfect English, and are very easy to talk to, and actually pretty easy to sleep with ;- The Swedish guys are very shy, so being a confident guy who actually talks to them will pay off big time. They like guys with darker looks, brown eyes and darker skin will go down well. The centre is really good for day and night game. Hilarious video that explains the difference between English girls and Swedish girls.

This place is my home when I am single. Guys here will say the girls are not as beautiful as Ukranians, and maybe that is true, but the sheer size Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov the city and foot traffic mean you see more beautiful girls here than anywhere else in the world. The standard of English is pretty good generally, though you will meet girls Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov speak no English.

The girls are very approachable, very honest, straightforward, and like a guy who is normal and dresses well. Not too much to ask. They will not play games, cancel dates, or be flakey.

As well as being the most beautiful, they make excellent girlfriends and potential wives. The winter is obviously freezing, but the summer is great. The city is super expensive, a little more so than London or New York, but is very safe in the centre.

Oh…and the nightclubs… the best in the world. Packed with beautiful girls, the first times in a Moscow club your jaw will be on the floor. You can find whatever you want, blonde, brunette, Kazakhstanis that look Asian. The slightly chunk girls are totally Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov on the shelf and these girls will be sooo happy to speak to you.

These former USSR countries have very beautiful girls. They also have nice central areas that you can walk around, and very cool nightclubs packed with hot girls. On the downside, there are lots of English and Italian tourists, and even worse — stag parties, who go there to harass the girls. Because of this, meeting women in the daytime works a lot better than in nightclubs when their social circle can see them.

NEVER in the top 10 lists, but really good. Hardly any tourists and tons of really bored and really hot girls. Book ticket now and figure out details later ;- Flight to Odessa easy, no visa, accommodation is cheap, all good.

Adam, in London we have lots of Polish girls and for some reason I hardly ever went for them. I mean I always see a girl who I think is hot, without knowing where she is from, approach, and she just is hardly ever Polish. I went to Warsaw for Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov few days too.

I did like that level of English is really good there. Should you still be unsatisfied then I owe you a beer! Would love to here more about Poland, I am going to be in Krakow for 3 months. Krakow and Wroclaw should not disappoint you, even though Krakow has become somewhat touristy these days stag parties… and the girls will be less receptive to foreigners.

Girls in Warsaw are generally more stuck-up, especially in high-end clubs. My friends have travelled to some smaller cities with good results, although English level was sometimes an issue there. Hands down the most beautiful women in the world. Victoria Secrets Candice Swanepoel just to name a few… Enough said: At least for me. I did have a greek girlfriend…but she was half brazilian too. What is it with Italian tourists ,man?

Italians are like professional PUAs naturally. All wanting to get laid with the hot chicks. Fine, but yeah it does mess things up slightly for the rest of us foreigners, especially me…because I look Italian! This results in throngs of hot ladies lying down on parks and taking the sun, and they are very approachable. The city is somewhat smaller than Sthlm, yet big enough for smallville social mechanics not to apply.

Smallish city 80k peoplevery quaint streets, there much drinking and partying out in the streets as many bars have outdoors tables, and the climate is mild. Loads of exchange students were there for some reason… Of note, the beaches around Fredericia, about 10km away — on a warm day, these get filled with people! Copenhagen deserves a little mention, as it gets filled with Swedes mainly from Malmo who come out there as alcohol is half price or so, and they go there when they want to get that much more smashed for the same price and get laid away from the eyes of their social circle!

The numbers of yr old students who either study there, or in a neighbouring university city such as Aachen, and who go to Maastricht to visit the coffeeshops and go party is just a sight.

There are no Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov, and the Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov are -insanely- loud and crowded — about twice the density and twice the sound volume of your average London club.

Beer is cheap as chips the local social norm being ordering two beers and walking around with one in each handthough other drinks can be pricey. In Maastricht, I get most of my lays through daygame, as the Dutch will spend hours sitting around cafes and their tables which litter just about every free corner of every square, and approaching is real easy. Everyone speaks fluent English. Thanks for the knowledge Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov Maastricht sounds great for me, super noisy super crowded club is my favourite place.

They are better than French French? French girls not bad, and I like the character, but just not a huge amount of gorgeous ones. Would like to go…so many places, so little time. Barranquilla got a German settlement there are near to 30 Swinger parties in Aral all around the city, so this is the only city of the coast slightly different from Rio.

I agree, medellin colombia es muy chimba, paisas are some of the hottest snd coolest chics in the world. I think Cape Town in summer deserves a mention though — mountains, sea, sun, plus the model capital of the world for the northern hemisphere winter…makes it, well, a very beautiful place…come join me down here! Ever been to Australia man? Sydney was insanely easy when I was there in Women would grab your arm and yank you toward them as you walk through the clubs.

Beautiful women and a fashion sense years ahead of the U. Not yet…a lot of places are easy though…depending on your standards. But if you want exceptionally beautiful girls, they rarely make the first move. I thought Hungary might get a mention? But Budapest is a really pretty city. Go with a girlfriend instead. Totally true about the ukranian girls. I have had two girlfriends from ukraine. Both of them gorgeous. So true the thing that they are racists about black and asian guys. P Also Richard, i have to congratulate you about all the useful advice you have been giving to us.

I have read your book, watched most of your videos on youtube. I had never kissed a girl till i was Looking for normal chill girl in Rostov


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