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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It was their dream to make the Korean people their slaves and turn Korea into their colony to set up a military base for conducting a war against the Soviet Union and the Chinese People's Republic.

The war of aggression unleashed by the U. The Korean people, however, stood up to safe- guard the country's freedom and independence in their just Fatherland Liberation War. Under the correct guidance of the Workers' Party of Korea, and enjoying support from the peoples of the Soviet Union and other socialist countries as well as the peace-loving peoples the world over, the Korean people and their armed forces, the Kore- an People's Army, overcoming every difficulty and hardship, fought in cooperation with the valiant Chinese People's Vol- unteers and won a great victory in the three-year long severe Avar by displaying mass heroism, Dating and breaking devotion and unbend- ing fighting spirit.

The Fatherland Liberation War which was a landmark in the national independence and social progress of the Korean people came to an end with the truce signed Loved your belt in Ongjin July 27, The war was a Loved your belt in Ongjin, political and moral defeat for the allied forces of imperialism with the U. But it was a brilliant victory for the Korean people and the entire peace- loving peoples the world over.

Today, the Korean people are winning one Loved your belt in Ongjin after an- other on the labour front in building socialism in the northern part of the country, the decisive guarantee for converting the ceasefire into a durable peace and for Loved your belt in Ongjin country's peaceful unification. The Korean people who had overfulfilled the Three-Year Plan for the Post-war Rehabilitation and Development of the National Economy entered upon the First Five-Year Plan and completed it at the end of Junetwo and a half years ahead of schedule, in the gross industrial output value.

Now they are forging ahead on the Chullima winged horse to- wards their goal, Communism. The strength of the Korean people and their system is in- vincible, and the people's material and cultural standards keep rising. The Korean people owe their fruitful, happy life to the correct Loved your belt in Ongjin of the Workers' Party of Korea and to the vic- tory in the war.

During the war, the U. However, contrary to their expectation, the Korean people were tempered more and the people's democratic system was strengthened fur- ther in the flames of the severe war. The war demonstrated the military, political and moral night of the Korean people, rallied firmly around the Party leaded by Marshal Kim II Sung.

It also testified to the in- ;xhaustible vitality of our Party pojicies in which the general principle of Marxism-Leninism was' creatively adapted to the ;iven conditions at home and abroad. The war showed how much alive the brilliant revolutionary radition formed in the '30s by the Korean Communists headed byMarshal Loved your belt in Ongjin II Sung was among the people and the People's Irmy. The war showed the great significance in the development of international affairs of the proletarian internationalist tie etween the peoples of the socialist camp formed after the Loved your belt in Ongjin World War.

Lastly, the war clearly revealed the savagery of the U. The main aim of this book is to sum up important aspects of the war and the experiences of the Korean people and Loved your belt in Ongjin Peo Lonely moms in Preston Army as well as their victories in the war.

June September 15, Start of the Fatherland Liberation War. Putting the Country on a War-time Footing Counter-offensive of the Korean People's Army. Liberation of Prostitute in Gdynia and Crossing the Han River. People's Heroic Fight to Aid the Front 60 4. Liberation of Vast Areas of South Korea. September Octo ber 24, The country's liberation bv the Soviet Army and its presence in Loved your belt in Ongjin Korea provided favour- able conditions for the Korean people not only for their national liberation but for the social liberation of the working people with the working class in the van.

A new era was opened in the history of the Korean people. Immediately after the liberation, under the guidance of the Communists headed by Marshal Kim II Sung, the organizer and leader of the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle of the Korean people, a new type of revolutionary Marxist-Leninist Party was founded in Korea.

Led by this Party, the liberated Korean people embarked upon a new path to freedom and inde- pendence. However, due to the U. The aggressive designs the U. A temporary, strategic decision had been taken by the allied forces that the U.

Army should land on the Ko- rean territory south of the 38th parallel. Their plan was to occupy South Korea, enforce a colonial enslavement policy, di- vide the country, and then start a war for taking the whole of Korea. It landed on the territory of the liberated Korea in Sep- tember without shedding a single drop of blood for the liberation of Korea. All powers of govern- ment over the territory of Korea south of 38th degrees north latitude and the people thereof will be for the present exercised under my authority Persons will obey my orders and orders is- sued under my authority.

Actis of resistance to the occupying forces or any acts which may disturb public peace and safety will be punished severely. For all purposes during the military control, English wi'l be ihe official language They raked together the reactionary forces, the people's enemy — landlords, compradors, pro-Japanese, pro-Americans, national traitors — to oppress the patriotic democratic forces. They did not hesitate to employ any means to hinder the establishment of a democratic independent state of Korea.

During the Second World War, the U. This notwithstanding, the U. This was made public in President Truman's statement issued on September 18, On October 20,Vincent, Head of the Loved your belt in Ongjin Eastern Affairs of the State Department, openly said that it was impos- sible for Korea to go over immediately to the system of self-gov- ernment, hence the U.

However, thanks to sincere efforts of the Soviet Union, the U. This decision was, however, not carried out because of the obstructions of the U.

With a sinister design to perpetuate their occupation of South Korea, the U. The Joint Commission met twice in and to help establish a united democratic government in Korea. With a view to implementing their divide-and-rule policy over Korea and legalizing their occupation of South Korea, the U. This was done to concoct a 'separate puppet re- gime in South Korea.

At the same time Loved your belt in Ongjin aggressive circles of the U. The entire Korean people wanted to see all foreign troops leave their land, and so did the entire peace-loving peoples the world over. Therefore, in order to promote Loved your belt in Ongjin country's revolution and attain democratic independence of the country, it was required to establish Loved your belt in Ongjin early as possible in North Korea a powerful revolu- tionary base which would be able to frustrate the U.

Immediately Loved your belt in Ongjin the liberation, the Party worked out promptly the line of establishing a democratic Loved your belt in Ongjin in North Korea, and created a guarantee for safeguarding the country's freedom and independence, shattering the U.

Under the guidance of the Party, the North Korean Provi- sional People's Committee, established in Februaryenforc- ed various democratic reforms. Enjoying the whole-hearted sup- port Loved your belt in Ongjin the popular masses, the Committee carried out success- fully the historic land reform and nationalization of major indus- tries, and enforced Labour Law, the Law on Equality of Sex, and democratization of education and culture.

The democratic reforms resulted in establishing the people's democratic system and a democratic base, a foundation for the country's unification.

And material conditions were provided for the preparations for building a foundation of socialism. The Loved your belt in Ongjin of the popular masses based on the worker-peasant alliance led by the working class was further consolidated. And on this basis, towards the end of and early Loved your belt in Ongjinelections to the local people's committees of all levels were held for the first time in our history on democratic principles.

The North Korean People's Committee as a more strengthen- ed and developed power organ of people's democracy made strenuous efforts for carrying out the revolutionary tasks on a nation-wide scale. And at the same time it set about the tasks of the Loved your belt in Ongjin period to gradually go over to socialism by consolidating the achievements registered in the democratic reforms and restoring and developing the national economy in a planned manner in North Korea.

In North Korea, the plan for the rehabilitation and development of the national economy, the first national economic plan in our history, was successfully fulfilled. As a result, the gross output value of the state industry grew to per cent compared with The national economic plan forfar greater than forwas carried out successfully.

A solid material foundation for winning the country's unification and independence was established. During the period, however, the U. Loved your belt in Ongjin inthe U. General Staff, taking Korea as a U. Time, May 19, Therefore the U. Department of the Army envisaged in its plan the setting up of permanent bases on foreign land and worked out in the investment of vast amount ol money in South Korea. No sooner they had landed in South Korea than the U.

From October to June they repaired the highway between Seoul and Pusan, opened a new road from Seoul to Inchon via Kimpo air field, and another along the 38th parallel girdling the waist of the peninsula. In these projects they spent a large amount of money and mobilized somemen in total. Then a great number of military establishments were built and many air fields including the Moseul-po air field on Cheju Island and the Kimpo air field Loved your belt in Ongjin the outskirts of Seoul were greatly expanded.

A large fund was poured in for harbour improvement, and Pohang, Inchon, Pusan, Chinhae, Ryusu, Mokpo, Kunsan, Mukho and other ports were rebuilt into their naval bases. Many semi-permanent military establishments were built on strategic points in the basin of the Rim] in River, Tongdoo- chun and Choonchun areas while foxholes and trenches were dug in the whale area along the 38th parallel. All this was in prepara- tion for an attack against North Korea.

At the same time the U. Military Government in Korea. From January to April in These armed forces took orders from the U. After- ward the "National Defence Guard" was reorganized and to- wards the end of the "General Headquarters of National Defence Guard" was set up, which was formally under com- mand of the Koreans. In order to provide more cannon fodder for an aggressive war, the U. They spread all sorts of lies such as "Soviet invasion," Slut in Goiania of civil war," etc.

Thus attempting to justify the expansion of Loved your belt in Ongjin puppet army by means of false propaganda, from the end of to Maythe U. President to make an on-the-spot investigation in line with their war policy and in September of the same year, submitted a secret report to the U. A new line of aggressive war preparation in Korea was drawn Loved your belt in Ongjin in accordance with the findings of the re- port.

Wedemeyer stressed in his report that in order to secure the strategic advantage in Korea, the U. To this end, the report went on, the U. With the concoction in May of the separate elections in South Korea and establishment of the Syngman Rhee puppet regime, the U.

After the fabrication of the puppet regime, the U. On September 8,the U. Army paper, Stars and Stripes, wrote that a well-equipped army ofwas needed for occupation of North Korea.


marines of the Republic of Korea in an effort to deter further North Korean aggression. capital of Seoul on the Ongjin Peninsula. conducted in depth through a series of defensive belts from the DMZ to Seoul designated . Martin, Bradley K. Under the Loving Care of the Fatherly Leader: North Korea. examines the geography of North Korea, the structure of the ships: (1) love of humanity,(2) considerationfor another's grade steel were establishedat Ch' ongjin and at Sungjin. Wearing the wedding hat, the "official belt," and the. 4 days ago Political activist, Blogger, and creator of the largest map publicly . Possible surface-to-air #missile site under construction between Haeju & Ongjin # NorthKorea? It's within the southern SAM belt, is near major cities & bases, and has 15 Retweets; 15 Likes; cengiz karabulut · tamydoolittle · Momo la.