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This study has been prepared as a report to present an updated and general perspective for the public on the human rights violations that occurred in Cizre, Turkey beginning on December 14, In this preliminary report, we have included only some groups women, children and references to a limited number of cases that exemplify the nature and specifics of the incidents.

A chronological segmentation of the curfews in Cizre, indicates that there were three periods of curfew up until the date of this report:. Two months later, on December 14,the curfews that went on for 24 hours started again. On the 79th day of the curfews, March 2, the curfew was lifted during the day, but was re-imposed until March 28, between Although state officials announced that the operations ceased on February 11,the curfew continues in the hours mentioned above.

In this report, evaluations regarding the ongoing curfews that started on December 14, are presented. Number of the neighbourhoods interviewed: Number of cases of suspected death in the interviewed houses: Number of cases of missing people in the interviewed h ouses [1]: It was detected that more than bodies had been burnt.

Two days after the second period of curfew began on December 14,on December 16,the first civilian death occurred because of shots fired by security forces: We could see them clearly as they also could see us clearly.

The distance between us and them was approximately meters. I guess the electricity went off by the time my wife was shot. I immediately called police hospital. I called and told them there were no clashes and trenches where I live and that they could come. I called three times. Half an hour later my wife bled to death. Our understanding from the testimonies and statements of the women is that the problems of women were: Pregnant women could not get regularly checked.

Some women had premature births. Most of these deliveries happened in Married and looking in Cizre where no medical resources were present. Some of the babies were born dead. It has been reported that a baby was killed with its mother while it was still in utero. Similarly, it has also been observed that there was sexist and racist writings on the dead bodies of women.

While she was wounded, the family called and asked for help. As her grandfather and mother were trying to take her to the promised location, they were raked with gunfire on the road. Baby Miray died there. Although the mother and grandfather were taken to hospital wounded, the grandfather died in the hospital while the mother was crippled.

Since there was no room in the morgue, she was preserved on another body. During the curfew, babies were not able to be vaccinated. Many children with chronic diseases were deprived of treatment. Because of continuous Married and looking in Cizre, children in the Married and looking in Cizre started to develop psychological disorders. In the region where heavy weapons were being used, children and many other individuals have started waking up crying in the middle of the night.

It has been observed that children are expressing serious mistrust and anxiety for future. Many children who did not have the chance to study for exams, could not apply for university entrance exams. Married and looking in Cizre ones who were able to apply could not take the exam as the place of exam was in distant cities and they were unable to travel.

Children who were exposed to the noise of bombings and heavy gunshots every day, especially the young ones years oldhave become aggressive and scared even when they hear a loud voice. But they were hindered by security forces on February 6, Since February 2,the entrances to Cizre have been highly controlled. Anyone who wants to enter Cizre was and is still being kept waiting — sometimes for hours Married and looking in Cizre search and control stations.

During the reporting period of this study, our team of lawyers was followed by armored vehicles and threatened by security forces dressed in civilian clothes. We would like to stress the fact that this incident occurred during an investigation in front of a house where there was an execution allegation.

It has been observed that during the curfews people were forced to leave their houses in various Married and looking in Cizre. According the information from the people of Cizre, houses that were still inhabited were raked by heavy weapon fire, cannons, and howitzers multiple times.

As understood from the testimonies of local residents, during the curfews effective access to medical services was unavailable:. During the second period of curfews lasting for sixty days starting on December 14,it has been observed that some people, among whom there were wounded persons and children, were trapped in a basement.

In a short time, the number of the basements and people trapped in those basements increased rapidly. After this date, with respect to people in the basements, only images of the burnt bodies and news of their deaths were seen on media [6].

The majority of the bodies in basements were found highly burnt. Accorrding to autopsy reports, some bodies were also beheaded, had eyes carved out, and had cuts and fractures; some were bodies without heads. Even Married and looking in Cizre the smell of the bodies can be sensed in those basements. Some of the bodies extracted from them belonged to children. Bodies with all bones fractured, internal organs shattered, and cheeks crushed and missing, give the impression that they were crushed by a sharp object or a vehicle outside the basement.

Morever, the prosecutor did not enter the basement which was the crime scene and did not conduct an investigation that met the demands of a true criminal inquiry. The samples which were required to be taken from the related address and the bones of the burnt bodies were collected by lawyers and were given to the officials. Currently, in many locations crime scene investigations have not been conducted, and in the cases Petite girl wanted for sex in Nelson the demands for such an investigation have been accepted, the investigation is carried out by security forces without a prosecutor and mostly without a lawyer present.

A majority of the autopsy reports available ones leave the impression that they lack objective conclusions because of attacks and pressure. Access to the bodies was systematically hindered. Some of the families were able to reach the bodies only after days of Married and looking in Cizre and pain. Families were not informed regarding the transfers of the bodies.

In fact, to do that, a new regulation was passed: Despite being identified, the bodies that are not taken in three days by the family shall be delivered to the municipality or local authorities to be buried. What the people of Cizre were exposed to for many days and nights — artillery assaults by tanks and the sounds of mortar fire, explosives, rampages, announcements, harrassment of people staying in their homes — are clear violations of the right to life; they are, moreover, forms of torture.

Some families who did not endure a loss of life, have come to see artillery, and their houses and cars being targeted Married and looking in Cizre firearms, as something normal. We have detected many missing cases of people for whom no application was Married and looking in Cizre. Daham Uca talks about Zerrin who was killed on 5 February We lived in a flat.

My parents were in the first floor and we were living on the second floor. We were together during the curfews. Since the 3rd floor was bombed, we were staying with my parents on the first floor. As we did not have enough food and many people, we had problems with the food. On February 5,we were at home; my wife was with us. She went upstairs to the second floor to change her clothes.

At that moment a bomb exploded. My wife stayed upstairs for about 20 minutes. Later we were worried so we went upstairs to see she was laying on the floor. We called immediately.

They asked us if she had any health problems. We waited Married and looking in Cizre the ambulance for an hour. Half an hour after medical intervention, they told us that she had died. We could not bury her in Cizre because of the curfew. There was only me and her brother from the family at the funeral. None of our relatives from Cizre could come to the funeral. While he was doing his job, Irfan Uysal, an employee of Municipality of Cizre, was shot in his arm which he was using to open the valve.

Irfan Uysal who saw that he was shot from an armored vehicle, lost his Married and looking in Cizre to the injury. However, before the incident happened, Irfan Uysal called and informed that they were going to the water valves multiple times and asked the security forces whether the area was safe: They did not answer my calls because I told them: While we trying to cross the Nusaybin Street with three bodies and four wounded, there were armored vehicles a hundred meters away.

As we were crossing the median, the security forces in Married and looking in Cizre armored vehicles attacked us. We were Married and looking in Cizre to carry the wounded on the carts which are mostly used by grocery salesman… The police station was informed about us. We called the ambulance. However, we were told that the police force would not allow the passage.

Fifteen people were stacked on top of each other in a twenty square meters area. People who walked with us were injured and they needed to be carried. About 13 people were injured in the district police station… The injured were injured again. After a bomb explosion in a house, with the ones who joined us, we were 28 wounded people four or five days ago. Unfortunately, four people died as we could not meet their medical needs.


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