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Nasty Massage Parlors in Dublin - my experiences. Actually I used to go for regular massages all the Massage plus more in Ireland when I Massage plus more in Ireland lifting Massage plus more in Ireland. Then one cold winters afternoon, my regular masseuse was occupied, so Massage plus more in Ireland wandered into a basement level massage parlor in another area I hadn't come across before. The masseuse started off normally, then when she got to my legs, she seemed to be accidentally rubbing on my balls whilst she was maneuvering up the inside of my leg.

I wasn't sure what to do then, but basic nastiness followed. She was trying to reach under me it seemed, I got the feeling to offer a genital massage, so I scooted my legs up into a doggy style position. From there she hopped up on the table behind me, in between my legs, and started giving me a handjob.

With her other hand she's massage my nut sack from behind. Massage plus more in Ireland thing she's massaging my asshole whilst jacking me off. Next thing she's put her finger up my ass and is jacking and giving me a prostate massage at the same time. I splooged all over the massage table. It was one of the most unexpected and fulfilling experiences of my life. Since then, I have always looked for a good nasty massage parlor.

So in Dublin - here's what I've come across. Please feel free to add to Massage plus more in Ireland list if you please: Karma - erotic massage, but no handjob or anything sexual apparently. They offer massage with a handjob, or a blowjob with a condom. Down from there again on Dawson street. Blowjob with or without a condom, and sex. There's 3 or 4 places, but a couple are strictly massage. The places that aren't, have really old asian women working there. One place said she'll do a blowjob without a condom.

African massage - handjob only - expensive. Place right next to it - handjob and blowjob available. Down the street further across the other side - handjob only.

Topless also, but costs extra. Masseuse seemed thoroughly pissed off with life - hahah. Couple other places but, old women working their. Didn't ask about anything. There's a place upstairs here, but various women working Massage plus more in Ireland. They seemed to offer different services depending on who was there. Body to body massage, hand job. There's a few places along here. Only one is straight up massage. The rest all have extras.

My favorite is called "Balance Therapy". Massage plus more in Ireland some old enough Cypriot chick there who gives a mean handjob. One of the best in the business. Now - I know there's a sister place to "Balance therapy", somewhere off Parnell street.

I haven't located Massage plus more in Ireland yet, but I very much wish to find it. Lastly, Off Talbot street, there's another african massage, but the masseuse is not good looking. The receptionist is hot as hell and young, but she only takes Massage plus more in Ireland money - then the ugly masseuse springs out from nowhere to say it's HER doing the massage.

They tried to trick me. I insisted on my money back and bounced. So that's what I got. Anything to add to that list? Oh yeah, there's another Tantric massage service on Leason Street I think. Nothing sexual offered, but she does it nude. Depends on which masseuse you get I would say. They have a website. What's the place on Dawson street that offer handjob and blowjob and sex?

PM me if you don't want to share it here, is it a shop or appartment? Ummm, I can't recall the name if I'm being honest. But the windows are covered with pictures of scantily clad asian women. It's the first parlor on the right as you're coming from capel street, toward moutjoy square area.

The masseuse is very Massage plus more in Ireland. I just asked the price for a regular massage, then kind of decided to leave instead of getting it. She insisted I sit down and told me she'd give me a handjob. She asked me what I wanted. She told me everything that was available. Just wasn't in the mood that evening. She was pissed - haha. Reverse cock tease IMO. Chapel street and mouth joy square. I think you could have Dawson street mixed up with another street?? God dammit - lol.

I meant to say Dorset Street. Can I edit posts on the forum? No problem Not sure about editing, don't think so.

What about the place on Dame Street or is it actually dame streetis this a shop or black door job? If you'd have to give one of these the best value for money what one would you choose. Not sure about editing, don't think so.

There's a sign on the street pointing to it, but you gotta ring a bell and go up a flight of stairs to Massage plus more in Ireland there. I went there on 3 different occasions, and there were 3 different women working there each time.

Not the best looking but hell, they had on about enough clothes to cover the palm of your hand. The Massage plus more in Ireland of the massage parlors around the temple bar area all seem above board.

I went into one, to check it out. I was talking to the masseuse for about ten Massage plus more in Ireland about the different types of massage - thai, swedish, deep tissue, sports etc. After all that, I just looked her in the eye and gave it, "and there's a hand job with that, right? I thought she was gonna throw me out.

Needless to say, there was no handjob. I believe there is one on Wellington quay that give a handjob. Haven't been, just been told. Handjob only as far as I know. If you'd have to give one of these the best value for money what one would you choose Umm, well, that place that does everything on Dorset street - she was offering just a handjob by itself for 20 euro.

So that's pretty good value right there. Actually - the African massage on Capel steet - it's hella expensive. But they have this promotion on, where you get a relaxing massage for 20 euro. TBH - I've fucked an escort in smithfield, and then just gone there and got a relaxing massage. It's more than relaxing. They do your back and legs, but also your chest and thighs - totally full body, and it's not a rough clinical massage. It's freaking awesome if I'm being honest. I actually went there three days in a row one time when I had accumulated some cash.

They just don't give you a handjob to finish up. And the thing is, you can't just ask them if you suddenly get in the mood, cause it's a special masseuse that does the promotional massage, and she doesn't do anything sexual. The rest of the workers do handjobs etc, but not the 20 euro girl. Never been in a massage parlor, well only in proper Spas to get "normal" massages. How much would a, well let's call it: Just to Adult sex dating in Youghal an idea


We specialize in nurturing & therapeutic massage & beauty treatments, where all your needs are taken care of with attention, comfort & kindness. Read more. Orchid Thai Massage & Spa, Belfast: See 18 reviews, articles, and 25 photos of We were greeted by a young lady who was very welcoming and read more. Oct 27, Since then, I have always looked for a good nasty massage parlor. .. What else can you buy in Dublin besides sex and planning permission?.