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He tricked her into getting breast implants, hid her passport and ordered her to work in a strip club. Pariyar explained her Prostitute in Boli and ongoing struggles, court documents and a civil lawsuit she filed against her ex-husband. She has been approached by strangers at restaurants. How much do you charge?

But Pariyar wants people to know who she really is — a young woman who came Prostitute in Boli America to attend nursing school and Horney housewifes in Cartago her family.

Several fake social media accounts feature photos of Pariyar wearing Lucite platform heels and panties with more strings than fabric. The tamest online videos show her spinning on a stripper pole. The most obscene show her having sex. There are more than 2, Web pages with these pornographic videos or provocative images.

None of them, she says, were posted with her permission. And she says nothing shown in the videos or pictures was done by choice. Pariyar filed a lawsuit against Sewell, 58, last year, asking for financial damages and for Sewell to take down all online pornographic images and videos of her.

The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County, alleges Sewell also posted comments about Pariyar on restaurant, auto shop and college websites. This month, state District Judge Martin J. Hoffman ordered Sewell to remove all online videos and images of Pariyar. His former attorney in the case, Brian Shaw, has not represented Sewell in months.

Sewell did not respond to a request for comment. He also said in the counterclaim that Pariyar was using the lawsuit to show her past actions in a more positive light. In their final divorce decree, Sewell was ordered to take down all pornographic videos Prostitute in Boli his wife. Pariyar is still trying to reconcile the Sewell she knew growing up with the man she divorced. She was 1 when Sewell married one of her relatives.

Pariyar learned English and dreamed of going to nursing school. She wanted to help her family, members of one of the lowest castes Prostitute in Boli Nepal. When that marriage ended inhe started writing to Pariyar. He promised to send her to college if she moved to America. She Prostitute in Boli his offer. But once in the U. He had a closet full Prostitute in Boli clothes waiting for her in his Montana home — tiny skirts, bikini tops, thong underwear.

She was seldom allowed to wear jeans or long skirts. And, she says, Sewell told her to work at a local strip club. In one online video, shown in court, Pariyar is seen wearing a short pink skirt with white polka dots that barely covers her.

She spins and bends over, as if responding to commands. She says the man in the video is Sewell. He commanded her in Nepali so no one else would understand him. According to court records, Sewell filmed her having sex with other people, something she says he made her do. Sometimes he took part in the acts. Sometimes he just watched. At the time, he promised her the videos he made of her having sex were just for him.

Pariyar fears that people who see the videos of her will believe she wanted to have sex with the people Sewell set her up with. She has two calendars that once belonged to Sewell. The Prostitute in Boli, which were introduced as evidence at the hearing, contained meticulous logs of every dollar Pariyar made as a Young Slut in Hamburg. Pariyar testified that the logs were how she learned people were paying Sewell to have sex with her.

Sewell, she said, would ply her with drinks and drugs — the only one she remembers is cocaine — and make her have sex with men, and sometimes women, he met at the strip club, at the gym or through online ads. Sewell hid her immigration papers and passport, telling her that if she was caught, she would get in trouble with the authorities. He often threatened to send the videos to her family in Nepal if she ever left him.

The Prostitute in Boli moved in to Dallas Xxx sex in Erseke Montana. She danced at Baby Dolls. Sewell pulled out a knife and started slashing her bag and Slim sex in Vaduz. He ripped off her shirt and grabbed her hair, throwing her to the ground. Dallas police Prostitute in Boli investigated him for human trafficking, the warrant said.

Sewell was charged with assault family violence in April The case was dismissed this year after Sewell served two years on probation. Pariyar wears scrubs to school and often wears traditional Nepali dresses and jewelry when she goes out. She struggles to find a job. Her family in Nepal has been threatened and mocked. People would tell them the house they lived in was bought with prostitution money. Her two younger brothers have been bullied in school. It could take years before all the videos and images of her are removed, and some Prostitute in Boli likely to stay online forever.

She may never see a dime in restitution from Sewell. But, she says, she Prostitute in Boli glad that the judge ruled in her Prostitute in Boli. After the hearing ended, Pariyar helped Kenton Hutcherson, her Prostitute in Boli, pack up three boxes of documents, photos and legal filings.

After hearing her case, the judge told her he hopes his ruling sends a message. Pariyar wants the same thing. She said reliving her experiences on the witness stand was painful, but she hopes that sharing her story publicly will put a face on human trafficking. After she left him, she said, he made her an unwilling porn star.

When she begged Sewell to take them down, he refused. A different side Pariyar is still Prostitute in Boli to reconcile the Sewell she knew growing up with the man she divorced. Calendar notes Pariyar fears that people who see the videos of her will believe she wanted to have sex with the people Sewell set her up with. But she never felt she had a choice.


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