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Thursday, September 6, Blogpost: Najla Norrin has owned and operated a pharmacy in a working-class neighborhood in Khartoum for over ten years, but was her worst year in business. The pharmacist and business owner has struggled to stock her pharmacy due to price hikes and has been unable to find medicine needed for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and mental illness.

For the next few years, the country tried to stabilize its economic situation through selling and leasing agricultural land to investors as well as taking generous grants and loans from China and Arab countries.

In Novemberthe medical field was hit by a storm. At the time, the price of the SDG to a dollar was double that in the black market. Things quickly went downhill and the pharmaceutical council had to intervene and hold talks with the pharmaceutical companies and the government.

By the end ofthe dollar reached 40 SDG in the black market and the industry faced a even larger blow. They could not pay the bills for the medicine they imported as the SDG lost its value with each passing week. All companies including pharmaceutical companies were required to buy hard currency from the official channels and not the black market. Individual solutions are on the rise. Direct me is a Sudanese Facebook group with nearlyusers. The group aims to help users find what they are looking for from handymen to an address they are trying to get to.

In recent months, many users have posted about a specific kind of medicine and asking the users if they know where to find it in Sudan. Some pharmacists intervene and give directions to pharmacies where this medicine is available and sometimes, users who are the diaspora volunteer to send it with someone traveling to Sudan. Essra Al-Mahi, an electronics engineer was Prostitute in Shendi to find products in a cosmetics line only found in pharmacies and when she failed, she started the Facebook group, ask a pharmacist.

Pharmacists and doctors are often taking matters into their own hands when medicine is scarce. Nada Haleem, Prostitute in Shendi medical doctor, knows first-hand how her patients suffer when they can not find their medicine. The risks are real as the customs are very strict when Hot fucks in Tuzla comes to bringing medicine into the country without the official channels, and for this reason, people often carry a small supply of medicine.

Some pharmacies order Prostitute in Shendi shipments for their clients from Egypt as well. Norrin believes that there is a growing black market that can not easily be brought under control. Norrin added that the only medicine she brings from Egypt on her own is for her parents whose medication is scarce or totally unavailable in Sudan.

Posted by Reem at 5: Sudanese Prostitute in Shendi fight to Prostitute in Shendi FGM. Two days later, S. Today it is 20 years later and the memory is still vivid in her head. The feeling of joy that had come with the henna and the new dress was drowned out by fear following the little boy's bloody circumcision. Prostitute in Shendi she had time to process what was happening, he was carried out and it was her turn. While there, her bandages were changed when needed and she got help when she had to use the bathroom Prostitute in Shendi it was very difficult and painful.

Her mother was also with her at that point, but she remembers her being distant and unhappy. Most of these women have undergone the most extreme form of FGM — infibulation - where all or part of the external genitalia are cut off and the vaginal opening is then narrowed by sewing, leaving only a tiny passage for urine and menstrual Prostitute in Shendi. The UNICEF report added that Sudan has also one Prostitute in Shendi the highest rates Prostitute in Shendi medicalisation of the practice, as nurses, midwives and other health workers take part in the process Prostitute in Shendi 77 percent of the Prostitute in Shendi. In Sudan, a Muslim-majority country, some claim circumcision is a religious practice that was recommended by Prostitute in Shendi Prophet Muhammad.

Now I remember the razor and the scissors, Prostitute in Shendi the midwife who came to do this as she was Prostitute in Shendi neighbour; and the money and candy they put under my pillow before I was cut. According to the scholars, it is never mentioned in the Quran Prostitute in Shendi there are no authenticated citations in Prophet Muhammad's hadith containing any evidence that could justify it.

Sumia Hassan, who preferred to use a pseudonym, only recently recalled that she had been subjected to infibulation 15 years ago. I only remembered what happened when I went to see a counsellor to deal with family issues. I was Girls for fuck in Mehtar Lam to know that I was cut. I blocked this memory for years… I was shocked to know that I was cut. For al-Naggar, the way forward is a national law.

The association was formed in to improve the status of women in Sudanese society and it has been working on FGM for the last four decades. There is no big ceremony and this is a good indicator that the society is receptive. The source also said that there seems to be a lack of political Prostitute in Shendi from the authorities to push through Prostitute in Shendi criminalisation.

Two months ago, I finally used a mirror to look at my private parts to see what happened to me, what I was missing. So far, dozens of youth have taken part in the visual campaign, including prominent entrepreneurs and youth leaders. I always sit with my legs tightly tied together, as it feels like the only way to protect my body, and regardless of Prostitute in Shendi I wear, I always feel that I am not good enough, like something is missing.

It can take years for survivors to speak out about what happened to them. When she saw for herself what had happened, she began to be more comfortable in Prostitute in Shendi own skin and Prostitute in Shendi more outspoken about it.

Years of activism have made speaking out about the practice easier and it has Prostitute in Shendi made families more discreet about taking part in it. Saturday, June 3, Police shisha raids spread fear as Khartoum cracks down on the pipe. It is a memory Hannah al-Sayed recalls very clearly. One night, while chatting and smoking shisha with her girlfriends in a cafe near the Nile in Khartoum, Sayed, a civil servant, recalled how the outing almost cost her her freedom.

It was 8 January at around 7pm and Sayed had met her friends at the shisha cafe after work. What was meant to be a fun evening ended up with a police officer chasing them down, trying to arrest them.

Sayed suspected that they were officers and overheard them calling for back-up to raid the cafe, which is a common occurrence in Sudan. To this day, Sayed is still terrified by flashbacks of the event. She broke free and while the officer was chasing Sayed and her friends as they bolted for Sayed's car, he continued to scream out that if they did not stop, he would create a scandal and shame them.

When they did reach her car, the officer opened the passenger door and forcefully tried to take away her car keys, refusing to let them leave. To their fortune, a brave waiter from the cafe had followed them to the scene. He held the officer back and gave the friends the opportunity to escape. Sayed never found out what happened to Erica karpluk dating waiter after he helped them.

Minutes after Sayed and her friends left the cafe, all the women still in the cafe were arrested by the public order police. Through a decision announced via local newspapers, on 29 Marchthe security Sexy women in Viljandi committee of Khartoum municipality issued a ban on public shisha smoking.

This decision effectively bans shisha in all streets, markets and public areas and puts an end to the issuance of permits to serve shisha. Shisha is widely popular in the Middle East and North Africa.

The water pipe, in which flavoured tobacco is burnt using coal, passes through a water vessel and is inhaled through a hose known as a hookah or arghila. Before the official ban, LM, Fuck finder in Sabanalarga preferred to use her initials only, used Prostitute in Shendi work as a waitress in a cafe in Riyadh, an upscale suburb in Khartoum.

She said that she had been arrested many times for working in a place that served shisha. After being unemployed for months, LM accepted the job despite fears of getting arrested.

The lingering anxiety that she felt every morning as she walked into work did not stop her because of a decent salary, in addition to tips. When the cafe was raided, the owner usually bailed the staff out so that they would not have to spend the night in prison. But in a raid last November, the cafe's owner was out of town, and LM and the rest of the staff were arrested, along with the customers. Two days after her arrest, LM managed to secure the fine with the help of her acquaintances and was released.

According to LM, other staff members who could not afford the fine were sent to different prisons across Sudan, some as far as kilometres from Khartoum. Until today, there has been no actual article in the criminal code banning smoking shisha in public, but a local order has been in place for a few years.

According to experts, this is just as powerful. Raids conducted by the public order police usually happen very abruptly. They storm the venue, confiscate the shisha and arrest the staff and customers who are smoking. If they can't afford to pay the fine, they can be jailed from one to three months. Eyewitnesses to raids on shisha cafes in recent months have confirmed that women not wearing headscarves or wearing trousers are always arrested, even if they are not smoking shisha.

Sudanese women, Prostitute in Shendi of them wearing trousers under a long black dress, walk in downtown Khartoum on 8 September AFP. In December, journalist and novelist Hussam Hilali was sitting with a female friend in Pataya, a cafe in a wealthy area of Khartoum. As a precaution, they ordered only one shisha, with Hilali stating that he would assume total responsibility for smoking if the police were to show up.

He added that the officers were aggressive and he was immediately asked to drop the shisha. A waiter at the Coral Hotel, a prominent venue in Khartoum, said that they had stopped serving shisha following the implementation of the ban in March.

Clients would also order juice, tea or food along with the shisha that brought a hefty income to the hotel. A regular client at the hotel told Prostitute in Shendi East Eye that she had come on 9 April and was surprised about this decision.

Some cafes, however, are still discretely serving shisha behind closed doors. A small Ethiopian-run cafe in Khartoum is one of these cafes that is trying to keep a low Prostitute in Shendi. The door leading to the cafe is always closed and photos of coffee greet customers at the entrance.

Some offer the service inside furnished apartments, but the risks are much greater. Prostitute in Shendi arrested in one of these venues, a woman can face charges of practising prostitution.

Prostitute in Shendi by Reem at 9: Prostitute in Shendi was Prostitute in Shendi and I was standing with an acquaintance inside the Haj Yousif court-house as we were waiting to attend the trial of several activists.

Prostitute in Shendi acquaintance, a young woman, had just been released from detention in the hands of the National Intelligence and Security Services NISS and was telling me her testimony.

Prostitute in Shendi I took mental notes to write down later, I kept thinking of my best friend who was asked during an Prostitute in Shendi by the NISS if she is a lesbian In andas Sudan saw a wave of mass protests, a number of tweeps confirmed that pornography Prostitute in Shendi, which are normally blocked by the National Telecommunications Council NTC were unblocked.

Pornography was a way the NTC, Prostitute in Shendi governmental body, was controlling the masses. They were almost saying:


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