Top reasons for invalidating oos results

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It amazes me that, with all the data integrity issues highlighted in regulatory agency inspections over the last several years, very few people I talk with today are familiar with the court case that set the legal precedent for data integrity standards.

To me, this is one of the reasons why we see so many data integrity issues — those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. In a nutshell, during the years leading up to the court case, FDA and Barr Laboratories Top reasons for invalidating oos results on what constituted acceptable data handling practices under GMP.

So on behalf of the FDA, the U. First and foremost, we need to know that we are able Top reasons for invalidating oos results generate good data — which means our process must be able to reliably produce data we can trust.

So, we must define and validate our processes and laboratory test methods to Myolie wu dating reproducibility. Then, once the process works, we need to maintain that process so it can continue to work as expected. Cleaning ensures nothing is added to the process, from residues or cross-contamination. Performing maintenance and calibrations ensures that equipment works correctly and is capable of continually producing good quality data.

And we must have data to support the cleaning process, the frequency of maintenance and calibration, and our claims that our process is reproducible. In addition to making sure processes work consistently through validation, there are two other components to consistency: One is having the process documented in sufficient detail to allow for reproducibility, and the other is ensuring that documented process is followed every time.

As simple as it may seem, we get in trouble here all the time. In some cases, including those highlighted in and warning letters, procedures do not include the level of detail that allows for consistent performance. Variability in performance equals variability in output and, subsequently, in results. Top reasons for invalidating oos results an example, consider this observation from a issued in August If the equipment is not clean, then repeat the cleaning process.

But in this case, equipment follows the subjective decision making of the operator and is not controlled by the process itself. But no parameters such as volume of water, time, Top reasons for invalidating oos results pressure or equipment used are given.

Laboratory test methods must be validated and proven to be reproducible across analysts and instruments, specific enough to detect compounds and impurities in our products, and sensitive and accurate enough to identify and quantify these materials to the appropriate levels — which then also means that these methods can be sensitive to even minor variations in technique between analysts.

Analyst-to-analyst variations are then compounded by on-the-fly changes, if made. We need to impress upon people that our processes and methods must be in writing, they must be followed as written, and any errors or anomalies including OOS, out of trend, or aberrant results must be documented and assessed for impact. This encompasses not just our testing and production processes, but also our investigation process for those anomalies.

And then, in accordance with written procedures, all data generated must be captured and documented appropriately — even data that is invalidated due to known errors. Without it, we lack a complete trail of Top reasons for invalidating oos results activities and decisions for each batch of product produced and tested.

Warning letter and observations describe situations of test or trial injections being run outside the validated test method, along with examples of disposal or deletion of failing results, including through the use Top reasons for invalidating oos results systems in which the audit trails have been shut off.

These situations are viewed as unacceptable because data is being generated unofficially, or official data is being discarded, versus being part of the story the testing is designed to tell. July 20, 1: This definition can expand to include manufacturing operators or anyone else to whom similar situations would apply.

They result from flaws in the process as it has been designed or Top reasons for invalidating oos results. Definitions aside, any error or failure situation must be investigated to identify the cause that triggered the issue. Documentation describing each step of the process, and associated investigations, must be preserved. At heart, data is evidence — proof that we executed procedures as required and, in doing so, produced good quality product.

And we have to be able to trust the quality assessment our data provides, meaning there can be Top reasons for invalidating oos results holes in the story it tells.

This includes appropriate justification for invalidating data, providing scientific rationale for decisions made and logical representation of results — even those that fail. If any one result in the calculation is a failure, the calculation must reflect it and designate that the batch as a whole contains a failure. Something that may appear as an outlier may be a true failure.

Then, we must tell a complete story of what was done, including all of the data generated, the decisions made and what they were based on, decisions made about the batch based on all of the available data, and then what was done to resolve any specific problems or issues that the situation identified.

So while the Barr Decision primarily spoke to controls around QC testing data, Massage plus more in Vienna integrity issues can occur anywhere in the data generation or control process see Figure 1anywhere in the company where data is generated — not Top reasons for invalidating oos results in the laboratories, even though the Top reasons for invalidating oos results lab is where we hear about most issues being identified.

Common problems seen in each portion of the process that can contribute to data integrity issues include:. To avoid this, we need to ensure we educate people on the expectations for data integrity and ensure our processes have the appropriate controls in place to protect against data integrity issues throughout the company.

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OOS continues to be the leading cause of Audit Observations and no effort to determine root cause of OOS result .. Invalidate results. Laboratory Data Integrity: Current Expectations for OOS Result Investigations ( See the article Human Error Is The Leading Cause Of GMP Deviations This includes appropriate justification for invalidating data, providing. the guidance discusses how to investigate OOS test results, including the FDA's guidance for industry Q7A Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance for Active The purpose of the investigation is to determine the cause of the OOS result. . Such damage would provide evidence to invalidate the OOS test result.