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Portuguese Words and Phrases. Jackson, thanks for the Portuguese Phrases section! To anyone with knowledge of sex phrases Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal Portuguese: I speak very decent Portuguese, but I'm trying to better prepare for my trip in November.

Unfortunately, Pimsleur left out the unit that covers sex phrases, so if anyone can just give me a run down of the basics I would certainly appreciate it. Many Sexy singles in Gardiz in advance! Here is my first attempt: Here is a few useful phrases.

Would you like to go with me? Meet for sex in Satun time do you finish work? When will you arrive? My portuguese is pretty good, so feel free to ask for any other translations you might think of. Junior, Thanks for the info. I can speak the ones that you posted. You learned from Pimsleur, right? The words that I am trying to learn how to Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal are Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal considered slang I will add a few more words and phrases: Bringing a brasiliera home for a few months like I did will also improve your portuguese tremendously.

Junior, Rock on man! I had a girl from Venezuela come stay with me for a month and my Spanish improved immensely. Thanks for the slang versions of the Portuguese sex phrases! Lingua me culo "Lick my ass". Not sure if it's perfect Portuguese, bad Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese -- but it works! They understand exactly what you're saying.

Good list Junior, however, 2 questions for you: Isn't girfriend in Brasil, uma namorada? Just curious as I didn't know that the word amiga could also be used to describe a girlfriend. I can't seem to make it thru Pimsluer. My schedule at work seems so hectic.

Can anyone recommend going to a class while in Rio, since I will be going for a week to ten days. I haven't decided the length yet, but am just about ready to just drive to Miami, go to the embassy, get the visa and fly out that night.

I would love to hire a translator part time. I did that in Japan, with a student for pretty cheap, and really enjoyed her english skills. Thanks for your advice Tom. Jackson, Can we get a fluent portuguese speaker in here to edit these posts. The effort is great but there are some major errors in here which would be of no use to have people learn. My three words of portugese: Bunduda Popozuda Both apparently mean "big butt" or refer to someone owning such a butt. Peituda Same meaning, but in regards to breasts.

I know some of the important things. Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal is a girlfriend. I was thinking more along of the line does she have a friend we could use for a threesome.

Buceta is also slang for pussy. I do not know the word lambar. But this very very strong, you can use it, but maybe when the moment is hot Popzuda and Bundada words like these aren't Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal words to impress a girl. It is about the same as talking to her using rap lyrics. I don't get putas in Brazil. But I like reading the stories from here.

You can get laid for free in RIO! Smile at a girl and say OI! Just samll talk her and be nice If you want to drink alcohol she will either not like or thik you here just to screw putas.

It helps because I speak portuguese well. A few corrections and additions: Airforce Bum, Great list! Can you try to spell the English pronunciation of boquete? I'm guessing that it's something along the lines of "bo-keh-chee". A better word would Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal 'pica'. One thing that I have used numerous times prior to agreeing to a threesome is saying, "Voces vao fazer todas coisas juntos?

I am certain that this is not polished Portuguese, but it's like asking the girls "Are you both going to do everything together". For me, a threesome is only worth it if the girls put on a show for you. This has worked like a charm for me every time that I've said it and the usual response that I get is both girls immediately start Hook up with girl in Liechtenstein DFK each other and sometimes I get pulled into the action!

The session is usually a hell of a lot better if you say something like that right in the beginning. Does anyone have any suggestions for advanced portugese, or conversational portugese. I'm just about done the pimselur portugese which is 90 lessons and took me Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal a year- but is pretty good.

Besides renting portugese subtitled movies, are there any other language programs out there that have conversational or more advanced portugese. Can you suggest any titles or sources from which to do so, online or otherwise? Also, to anyone, I have plans to travel to both Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in the next 10 months. Is there anyone here who has become fluent in both, starting with only an English background?

I am not a complete beginner in either, but am looking for feedback or advice on which might be better to study first, etc. I know, like most things, it would be a better idea to start one long after proficiency in the other, Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal not sure I can float that. I'm going to begin thanking you for your Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal on this site.

Also, Language sections on the board of any country is a great idea, and very, very helpful. I've been going through Volume 1 of the Pimsleur series and unfortunately, many of the phrases in this thread don't appear. Perhaps I'll have more luck in volume 2! In spite of this, I do recommend anyone going to Brasil, take a few weeks to listen to some of these disks.

They really are quite helpful. I speak both Spanish and Portuguese more or less. Have studied Spanish for 10 years plus and Portuguese for 2 years. You will just get confused. Also, there are a lot more books, tapes and classes available in Spanish. I love Brazil and Portuguese, but overall I would recommend you learn Spanish first. About half the words are "sort of" the same, since Portuguese is derived from Spanish. If you took some dyslexic Spanish kids, threw in a few illiterate Italians, isolated them on a desert island, and fed them crack and LSD every day, they would be speaking Portuguese in about 20 years.

Either way, Pimsleur is the best, altho expensive. Of course it is an open secret that you can bootleg most Pimsleur in mp3 format through any P2P program or www.

Both languages evolved independently from the dialect of late Latin that was spoken in the Iberian peninsula in the late Roman Empire. Portuguese is in fact much more closely related to Galician, which is a dialect spoken in northwestern Spain, than it is to what we call "Spanish," which in Spain is more correctly called Castilian, since it is the dialect spoken in Castile, the region around Madrid. But my point is that Castilian and Portuguese are both equally ancient and both descended directly from Latin.

I agree with your suggestion that it is better to learn Spanish before Portuguese. For the average Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal speaker of English, Spanish will be much easier to learn than Portuguese, for a number of technical reasons I won't go into here. However, once a working knowledge of Spanish has been acquired, learning Portuguese should be much easier, although not easy. If you know only Spanish, you can probably make yourself understood Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal Brazil, but you won't understand their replies.

As to whether or Wanna fuck tonight in Portugal "Pimsleur is the best," as you say, you mean Best pussy in Parnu it's the best for you. What constitutes the best depends entirely on an individual's learning style. Some people are primary oral-aural in their orientation, so Pimsleur would be perfect for them.

However, some people are primarily visual, i. The course is offered in 3 levels, and each level is 4 weeks 4 days a week, 2 hours a day.


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