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South China - Huizhou Results 1 to 7 of 7. This blog is moderated by Ace Gallant. Can you please tell me the phone number for the best hotels in Huizhou to stay in for PFP and when Saunas you recommend. Thank you for your help. Help appreciated Hello, Some great info here - and good info.

I would appreciate if I could receive some help in Huizhou. I am westerner, and although studying to learn mandarin, I cannot speak nor understand. Looking for several nights of fun - but hard work during the day. Thanking you all Woman sex in Huizhou advance for your help and advice. The comments are based on my own view, don't flame me if we have different views. First, I drink a lot like Woman sex in Huizhou. Second, I only play with beautiful, not normal looking girls.

Almost the same as changping standard. Don't go to the wrong entrance and don't follow your girls to opposite. Those who like kj, this is the place you must go. So far the girls here are the most obedient because there is a very fierce mommy.

Please take note, all KTV in Huizhou city starts from 7. Don't be kiasu like you are in Changping KTV. I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information. No Woman sex in Huizhou order from government to close shop during that time.

So cannot answer you now. Based on the past, should be ok but just keep low profile. Anyway this year is special due to China 60th brithdayanything can be happen.

Some may feel it boring and go other place the next day. Yes, tell me what is your preference type of hotel. I will recommend 'Hao Yue' hotel, 3 star. Convenient location, near to Walmart shopping centre. About per night. My sauna is in 'Hai Hu' hotel, 3 star, old and a bit rundown, but beside west lake nice scenery.

Just want to introduce a new place for everyone to enjoy. Just remember I am not a tour agent, I am willing to help but don't order me to do anything to help. Example, i can help you to arrange the ktv session, i Woman sex in Huizhou get the mommies to take care of you well in the Woman sex in Huizhou and make sure the bill is right.

Asking for free drinks, foods or discount on bill, it is between you and the mommies, Woman sex in Huizhou don't involve. Few brothers sent me message that they are keen to visit Huizhou after seeing my report. Thanks a lot for your support. Of course, Huizhou welcome you. Woman sex in Huizhou, I hope that those who Woman sex in Huizhou coming to have their mind prepared.

Don't compare Huizhou with Dongguan. Both places have their own rules and practices. What you can get in Dongguan, you might not get in Huizhou. Please understand Dongguan has been molded by Hong Kong and Taiwan people for many years to meet foreigner's expectation.

So anyone in Dongguan can have all the fun they want. To me, Huizhou is just like Dongguan 8 10 years ago. Put it this way, Dongguan is catered for foreigners, Huizhou is catered for local China and some foreigners stationed in Huizhou companies. So if you cannot find your partner for that night or the girls cannot meet your expectations is normal.

But if you Woman sex in Huizhou to get your ideal girl Woman sex in Huizhou Huizhou, you will Woman sex in Huizhou the feeling that I said before. If you are a 'lao wai' westernerplease be a little patience when you in Huizhou. Not a lot of westerner in Huizhou. Most of them stay in high class hotel and only go Woman sex in Huizhou high end entertainment place.

So not many girls in Huizhou got a chance to interact with westerners. Time and patience is really needed for them to accept, but once they can accept, you will find it worth. Don't worry that you cannot find a girl in Huizhou; I am there to help but only when I am around. Soon I will post the name of the sauna and KTV that you can try.

Of course, all these places I ever brought my non-Chinese friends there. If your luck is really down the drain, I can get ex-sauna girl or BBS girl retired but not old to accompany you. In Huizhou, you don't expect to have a lifestyle like you are in Chang ping. Bring along your camera; there are many places of interest for you. If you want to get some cheap stuff, you can go to Yi wu shopping mall.

It is building that sells all kinds of products in retail price. As I said earlier, must bargain to get the best price. At the end of the year when the weather is getting coldyou can go for some outdoor activity such as Woman sex in Huizhou walking with nice scenery or hot spring.

However, this activity have to book thru' local travel agency. It might be expensive if only person going. This is because it is a half day trip need to hire a transport, tour guide, lunch, and entrance fee. Ideally will be a group of persons. Lastly, I am not a tour agent. I can only give some guides and helps to those that are coming.

Sorry, all my Woman sex in Huizhou cannot speak English, unless you can speak Mandarin. I can help you to book the room for KTV, but don't blame me if you don't enjoy there. But don't blame if the girl is not up to your requirement. Please kindly understand that I am just trying to help. I don't make a single penny from you, the hotel, the girl or the mommies in KTV. Moreover, I have my own business which is enough for me to have a good life there. Points Woman sex in Huizhou take note: Keep low profile at all times.

Make it a happy trip for yourself. This is because they are trying to get civilization city Woman sex in Huizhou year. If anything happen to you, you can easily find the police and they will help. The Huizhou public thinking is still not as open as Dongguan. Be a good boy; enjoy all the fun with your girl in the room, not in the public. I will be in Huizhou next week starting from 11th Sep just 1 week.

PM me if you want to make a trip to Woman sex in Huizhou. Let me know how you want Woman sex in Huizhou to help you.

Most important, can you speak a little mandarin; just in case I have to find a simple English speaking girl for you. Hi hi, i have shifted to here for anything regarding huizhou. South China - Huizhou Thread Starter.


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